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(AKA: Adult Links)

What is AdultLinks?
How did I get AdultLinks?
How do I remove AdultLinks?

What is AdultLinks?
AdultLinks is a malicious executable program that is usually installed without user consent or knowledge. AdultLinks may have the ability to secretly monitor, record, and transmit computer activity. Possible symptoms of AdultLinks include, but are not limited to, sluggish system performance, frequent system crashes, advertisements (Pop-up Ads) and/or high CPU usage among other characteristics. AdultLinks may cause a slow internet connection as well due to the increased usage of bandwidth. Replication is not common with AdultLinks. It is however highly recommended that you remove AdultLinks.

How did I get AdultLinks?
Methods of infection vary for AdultLinks. Most likely, AdultLinks was bundled with another application that was downloaded intentionally. Peer-to-peer programs could also be the source of the infection. Other distribution tactics of AdultLinks include browser vulnerabilities, deceptive Pop-up boxes designed to appear as legitimate Windows dialog boxes, and/or drive-by downloads.

How do I remove AdultLinks?
More than likely, AdultLinks has thoroughly embedded itself in your system making it very difficult to remove manually. Fortunately, there are plenty of Anti-Spyware solutions ready to do the work for you. And, although we can not speak to the effectiveness of all of the software listed at, we can, and most certainly do, recommend STOPzilla. Click here to download STOPzilla and remove AdultLinks now.

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